Pathfinder - The Price of Immortality


Welcome to Tamran


18/11/4709 – 19/11/4709

The heroes continued their investigation into the substances located under the ancient Dryad tree which revealed little other than the culprit was a pale skinned gnome. From the descriptions provided by the magic shop owner however, the gnome was suffering from the bleaching. During the investigation, the heroes’ investigations flushed out a Molthune spy who they apprehended and brought before the authorities. The heroes were rewarded for their good deeds, and soon after left Three Pines Ford behind. As their journey continued, the heroes along with the crew of the Black Mist were forced to deal with a ferocious storm. Having survived the ordeal, the heroes continued onto the last leg of their journey to Tamran. Shortly before arriving in the city, the Black Mist was set upon by Molthuni Privateers. The heroes fought bravely, and thwarted the Molthuni plan. Now armed with the heads of several of the Molthuni sailors, the captured letter of marquee and several documents detailing Molthuni attack plans, the heroes make their way into the Tamran Harbour to continue their quest to seek aide for their hometown of Kassen

The heroes arrive under the cover of darkness, and moor the Black Mist on one of the many jetties which dot the harbour. Captain Walren thanks the heroes for their assistance and recommends that they visit the council chambers in the morning with the informant they obtained from the Molthuni Privateer vessel. The captain also recommends they stay at an inn called Gar’s Last Meal and provides them with directions. The heroes farewell Captain Walren but not before he lets them know that should they need his services, he owes them a debt of gratitude.

The heroes then make their way to the inn. Cautiously, the four make a plan to enter the inn. Evarl states that she will move to the rear of the establishment and scope for any unusual behaviour, whilst the the other three enter via the front door.

gars-last-meal-ground.jpgInside, the heroes find nothing but pleasant talk and run-of-the-mill sailors telling tall tales, including that of the inn-keep who regales a story to a bunch of younger fisherman about how he managed to lose his arm to the giant sizes Gar Fish who’s stuffed remains rest quietly about the bar. The heroes separate and start conversing with the locals. Nell, in particular, grabs the attention of some of the fishermen about her and her friend’s exploits with vanquishing a crew of Molthuni Privateers. Her stories, and her appearance, eventually grab the attention of most onlookers in the bar. This leaves Evarl with little to do other than keep a watchful eye on people coming and going from the bar. Meanwhile Sam and Kal scope out the bar and listen to the inn-keeper’s story. Eventually, after learning very little other than the people in the tavern appear to be happy fisherman and sailors, and little more, Nell negotiates with the inn-keeper, Puglas Tamall for food and lodgings. The group make themselves comfortable and quench their thirst and hunger in a nearby booth, whilst Evarl continues to keep a watchful eye on the door from nearby.

During supper, Evarl observes a female elf dressed in dark leather clothing with 2 blades across her back enter the front door and make her way upstairs. Evarl excuses herself and moves through the crowd to follow the stranger. As she begins to make her way up the stairs, she is knocked out of the way by a heavy-set half-orc carrying what appears to be two jars of a bubbling liquid. The half orc barreled down the stairs and through the main doors, before a flash can be seen in the main street. Kal sees the half orc, and asks one of the waitresses who that was. The barkeep overhears the question and say that it was Mila, a female half-orc that has been told one too many times not to mess around with her experiments in her room.

elf_assassin.jpgMeanwhile Evarl continued her ascent up the stairs. The distraction however was enough for her to loose track of the elf. Slowly, Evarl made her way up the corridor of the lodgings, in an attempt to find the mysterious elf. As she came to the second last door, by chance, Evarl spotted a shadow from under the door. As a result, Evarl was not caught off guard, as the door burst open, a knife wielding elf standing in its archway. Evarl first attempted to trip the elf, but the elf was quicker and slashed out with her knife. The knife cut Evarl on the thigh, the pain searing through her leg. The clearly more experienced elf moved quickly, and before Evarl knew what was happening, she was on the ground, the elven female on top of her, a dagger leveled at her throat. Evarl attempted to parley with her clearly more experienced kin, but it was a useless gesture. Evarl felt the cold blade against her skin, a small trickle of blood morning its way down the side of her neck. The elf leaned in, and whispered in the the younger elf’s ear. It was a warning, to stay out of the elf’s way. Evarl agreed as the older elf stepped back and slammed the door of her room behind her.

Evarl, somewhat shaken, and furious that she had been bested, returned to the tavern to tell her friends what had occurred. Kal quickly healed Evarl of her injuries, and suggested that she do as the elf suggested, and stay away. After dinner, the four walk up to the beds, and enjoy their evening’s rest.

The heroes rise at dawn and venture downstairs for breakfast. Puglas prepares their breakfast which allows the heroes to ask a few questions. Puglas explains that there is very little going on in Tamran at the moment, other than the ongoing war with the Mothuni. When asked about the council, Puglas explains that given it was Oathday, the timing was perfect for the heroes to present their findings to the council. Puglas also offers directions to the Rangers Lament although mentions that it is not as nice an establishment as his own. Evarl also asks Puglas about the elf, to which Puglas becomes grim, stating that her name was Enar, and that the group give her a wide birth. Kal reiterates Puglas’ warning and suggests that they make their way to the council chambers. Puglas further explains that the council are hopeless at making decisions, and that Forest Marshal Gavirk has become nothing more than a figurehead and bureaucrat. Puglas then leaves allowing the heroes to their meal. A short time later, the heroes leave and venture into the city.

The city of Tamran is a busy place indeed, and Kal mentions that he is overwhelmed given that Tamran appeared to be over 10 times the size of their small home town of Kassen. Upon arrival at the council chambers, the heroes join a line of what appear to be a mix of adventurers, fishermen, sailors and other townsfolk, all keen on gaining some favour with the council.

After many hours waiting, the heroes are ushered into a room where they meet with Speaker Mayslen Torgun, the Speaker of the Leaves. Kal mentions that they have brought word from Mayor Uptal in Kassen in the form of a letter, asking for assistance. Kal also says that their orders were to ask for Speaker Aromina Yasgon. Kal then hands over the note to the speaker. Speaker Torgun reads the message, and tells the heroes to remain in the room whilst he fetched Speaker Yasgon. A few minutes later, Speaker Torgun returns to the room, with Speaker Yasgon in tow. Speaker Yasgon then reads the letter. The heroes then present the story of their victory with the Molthuni Privateers and present the papers and evidence of their victory. Speaker Torgun becomes very interested in their story, but shows little interest when they then explain the reason for their arrival in Tamran, in particular their belief of the involvement of Razmiran followers with the theft of the amulets from the crypt, which they further believe has caused the undead uprising in an around Kassen.

After speaking at length about both events, Evarl and Nell both sense that Speaker Torgun was more interested in the Molthuni papers and the threat that posed, whilst Speaker Yasgon showed great interest in the Razmiran involvement. However, both speakers note that no decision could be made until the council met later that day. The heroes advised where they were staying and were told that a decision would be made regarding Kassen‘s fate by tomorrow. Speaker Torgun further offers a reward of 500 gold for their information about the Molthuni Privateers and offers his thanks for the bravery the heroes had shown.

The heroes then leave the council chambers and ponder their next move. After a short discussion, it is decided that the heroes make their way to the Ranger’s Lament. After travelling on foot across various bridges and walkways, they arrive at the location of where Puglas had indicated twhere the inn was. The heroes are concerned however when they seen an assembly of people outside of a large Razmiran church, situated across the road from the Ranger’s Lament. The heroes observe a masked dark cloaked Priest sprouting the virtues of Razmir to the crowd from the top stair of the temple, the assembled villagers listening intently to his preachings. The heroes’ listen for a short time, and observe four white robed masked priests standing between the crowd and the head priest, positioned in such a way to be standing on the first step of the temple. The heroes also observed two masked, grey robed priests moving through the crowd, asking for donations.


Sam, who had always shown little interest in religious teachings, was enthralled at what he heard the priest tout, which resulted in Sam moving further into the crowd to get a better look. Evarl however, was suspicious, and began making her way through the crowd as well, but more to keep an eye on the priests. Nell and Kal remained at the rear. During the sermon, Evarl noticed one of the priest’s pick several townsfolk’s pockets, including that of Sam‘s. Evarl immediately moved towards the priest and attempted to pick the item back that Sam had “lost”. Unfortunately, the priest obviously had a keen eye and was able to spot the elf’s advance. The priest pointed the tithing-box at the elf as he reached arms length away from the priest. The Priest then asked the young elf for a donation. Evarl was outraged, and accused the priest of stealing from his friend. The priest claimed it to be a false accusation, and accused Evarl of being a sinner and stealing the item himself. The head priest, from his position at the top of the stairs, further accused Evarl of misdoings, claiming that he was one of the many reason that Razmir had come to Tamran. Sam could not believe what he was hearing, and moved quickly to the priest who Evarl accused of stealing from him, with the intent of upturning the priest until his supposedly stolen property fell out. The head priest started to make his way through the crowd, his intention, to put a stop to this nonsense…


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