Pathfinder - The Price of Immortality


Raising the Gate



Upon dealing with festering zombies, and discovering that some of the bodies were the same as the body they found near the Lake whilst heading towards the crypt, the heroes moved further into the dungeon only to have Eve confront her greatest fear – the fear of aging and turning on her friends. As Kal attempted to calm her down, Nell disturbed a nest of bats who promptly attacked them. With only minor injuries sustained, the heroes leaned that a portcullis blocked their advance, and so consulted the riddle stone at the cross roads to the level. Realising that the opposite direction lead to a wheel of sorts, the heroes moved down the water logged corridor and discovered a room filled with an azure coloured fungus. Zevan explained that the fungus had, as part of its properties, the ability to let of a static charge if disturbed. Hoping to avoid the fungus, the group made their way into another room with doors that were water-logged and closed shut. Inside however, the group were attacked by a giant frog. Nell was swallowed whole in the melee but not before being rescued by Sam’s deathly blows to the frog. As Sam quickly knelt down to check upon Nell’s welfare, two more frogs, appeared on the scene…


After dealing with three large carnivorous frogs, the heroes pushed on through knee high water in an attempt to find what they believed to be a wheel which would help them raise the gate preventing access to Kassen’s Tomb. They soon discovered the room, but not before disturbing eight angry skeletons, hell bent on preventing them from reaching their goal. The heroes were successful and successful raised the gate, but now only destiny can tell what fate lies beyond…



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