Pathfinder - The Price of Immortality


Night of the Dead


11/11/4709 – 12/11/4709

The heroes begun their journey back to Kassen, a two day travel over ever so familiar ground. Whilst travelling, Kal became ill and diagnosed that he was infected with the plague from the rotted zombies. Kal soldiered on, and the heroes soon arrived at Kassen to a heroes’ welcome. Celebration turned to sorrow as the heroes revealed that many of the townsfolk were attacked by ruthless undead. As the festivities dwindled, the heroes returned to their homes to speak with their mentors and families. The heroes purchased new equipment and resupplied their used resources. During that time, it was found that strange happenings were occurring around the village. Sightings of ghosts and skeletal forms moving through the night were coming to the notice of the town hall. Meanwhile, Zevan and Asina Silvers begun sharing more time together, something that Kal has not taken kindly to…

The following morning the heroes meet up at the riverbank as they have done for many years. They decide that they should start an investigation into the stolen amulets. Kal notes that there are several other things which have been going on around Kassen such as the diseased brownies and their connection to the Fey Queen that they claim is returning, and the poisoned honey.

The heroes split up and start their investigations. Evarl says he will keep an ear out as to what is going on at the bar; Nell says she will ask her father what he knows about the amulets; Kal agrees to speak with Father Prasst; and Sam agrees to find out what he can about the Browie situation.

Sam finds little to nothing about the current situation with the happenings in the woods, other than the logging operation is still in shut-down much to the dismay of Colbin Vetnar.

Kal speaks with his mentor Father Prasst and establishes that he knows little to nothing about the undead rising other than to confirm Kal‘s suspicions that it would have possibly something to do with stolen amulets. Kal questions Father Prasst about Tamran, specifically about the Ranger’s Lament, querying the fact that the priest had spent some time there. Father Prasst, somewhat dismayed about this line of questioning, claims to never have heard of the Rangers Lament and suggests that Kal continue with his studies instead of worrying about what goes on in the capital.

Meanwhile Nell returned home, and spoke at length with her father, Moltus Vargidan about the history of the area, specifically that of the amulets. Moltus explained that years ago, before the town of Kassen existed, three heroes – an elven sorceress, a great and mighty warrior and a holy knight by the name of Kassen found an amulet in an ancient dwarven crypt, in the distant Mindspin Mountains to the west. The heroes were able to establish that the key was to a treasure beyond their wildest dreams, however its location was a mystery. Moltus continued that before the three could find out where the treasure was, the three had a falling out. The three split the treasure they had accumulated over their time together evenly, including the key. As fortune would have it, the key split into three parts, and each of the three gained a piece so that none of the three would ever be able to gain access to the treasure without the other’s knowledge. And so, time passed, and Kassen founded a new home on the side of the Tourondel River, which eventually became the town which bore his name.

Moltus continued, stating that what was not readily known was that Kassen’s former friend Asar had become a warlord of sorts, accumulating a loyal army of followers. Asar’s yearning for power and wealth took new meaning as he turned his sights on Kassen, for in his mind, Kassen would never leave his new home to seek out the riches the key would unlock. Instead Asar chose to take Kassen’s piece by force, which resulted in the deaths of many villagers, Asar’s forces, Asar himself and of course Kassen.

When asked, Moltus told his daughter that he did not know the whereabouts of Iramine nor the location of the treasure that the key unlocks.

Evarl meanwhile delved further into his subconscious in an attempt to recall the events of his parents death and that of Iramine. Coming up with a black, other than Iramine was definitely responsible, but not in the way he first though. Evarl learns that Iramine was after him and when his parents refused, that was the reason she killed them. Evarl also learned, that due to spending some time tending bar, that a number of farmers, hoping to quench their thirst over lunch, were speaking of rumours concerning undead walking the Kassen graveyard at night.

Later that afternoon, the heroes, less Zevan who was spending even more time with Asina, returned to their secret rendezvous point on the riverbank of the Tourondel River a short distance out of town, and shared what they had found. It became apparent that the most pressing matter was that of the undead.

Later that night, the heroes, again less Zevan, staked out the graveyard. Evarl kept first watch, whilst the others rested. It was not long before Evarl woke his friends regarding the numerous zombies that were scrambling from the graves of recently deceased townsfolk, including those who died in the lumber mill accident.

The fight was swift, with only Nell suffering severe cuts from a ravenous zombie. With more zombies than the heroes could handle, the group fled back to the city to warm the city watch.

During the evening, several battles occur outside the town walls with the zombies, and skeletons of even older corpses through to the early hours of the morning. By daylight, numerous bodies lay at the gates to the village.

The next morning the mayor pleads with the heroes to travel to Tamran to seek aid from the Forest Marshal in order to deal with the potential unrising of undead. The heroes agree and so later that afternoon, the heroes prepare to leave for their long journey to Tamran


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