Pathfinder - The Price of Immortality


The Man They Call Asar



After dealing with three large carnivorous frogs, the heroes pushed on through knee high water in an attempt to find what they believed to be a wheel which would help them raise the gate preventing access to Kassen’s Tomb. They soon discovered the room, but not before disturbing eight angry skeletons, hell bent on preventing them from reaching their goal. The heroes were successful and successful raised the gate, but now only destiny can tell what fate lies beyond…


The heroes, enter a long room with deep pits on either side. Two statues stand idol on the other side of a narrow bridge, both seeming poised in protection of it. Sam is the first to step across the bridge, but not before one of the statues races forward pushing the young warrior back.


Clearing another test or trap set to protect Kassen’s final resting place, the heroes manage to work around the trap by dexterously avoiding it, and using rope to swing across the chasm. Two large brass doors greeted the heroes at the other end of the room, their markings showing that this was a door of great importance. Sam, again, was the first to push them aside o reveal the heroes worst nightmare.


Now in undead form, Kassen’s mortal enemy, the Mighty Asar reveals himself to the heroes, leading a gang of skeletons against them. The battle was fierce and bloody, with some of the heroes falling with near fatal wounds. Eventually Asar was laid to rest permanently, and the heroes were victorious. As the heroes paused to count their losses, Zevan lent forward to light the lantern with the Everflame and an apparition of Kassen appeared before them.

Kassen explained that many years ago there was a battle that he and his fellow villagers fought against the Might Asar and his legion of men. Kassen knew that Asar was not satisfied with the arrangement that had been made between himself, our companion Iramine and Kassen himself regarding the search for the treasure they had worked so hard to find. All that he wanted was Kassen’s part of the key to seek the treasure for himself. This hatred and yearning for wealth was his undoing. Eventually both he and Asar, along with many men and women fell in the battle for defence of the village. This crypt, an ancient, long abandoned and unused dwarven burial crypt had been used by Asar as a launching point for raids on Kassen’s village. It seemed apt that the crypt be the place where all of the dead be laid to rest.

Kassen further explains that some of the bandits who were slain by the raised Asar took both Kassen and Asar’s amulets, but nothing more. Kassen warns that the raising of The Mighty Asar is not the only thing that has been released with the removing of the amulets, and he hopes that the heroes can find them, and return them to re-seal the link between the world of undeath and the mortal world. The heroes agree.

The heroes are presented with part of Kassen’s burial gifts, and Kassen provides a final warning that the raising of The Mighty Asar is not the only thing that has been released with the removing of the amulets…


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