Urban Skill Modifiers

Life in a settlement is represented by six modifiers, each of which adjusts the use of specific skills within the city.


Corruption measures how open a settlement’s officials are to bribes, how honest its citizens are, and how likely anyone in town is to report a crime. Low corruption indicates a high level of civic honesty.

Skills Modified:
  • Bluff (made against city officials or guards)
  • Stealth checks made outside (but not inside buildings or underground).


Crime is a measure of a settlement’s lawlessness. A settlement with a low crime modifier is relatively safe, with violent crimes being rare or even unknown, while a settlement with a high crime modifier is likely to have a powerful thieves’ guild and a significant problem with violence.

Skills Modified:
  • Sense Motive (to avoid being bluffed)
  • Sleight of Hand (made to pick pockets)


A settlement’s economy modifier indicates the health of its trade and the wealth of its successful citizens. A low economy modifier doesn’t automatically mean the town is beset with poverty – it could merely indicate a town with little trade or one that is relatively self-sufficient. Towns with high economy modifiers always have large markets and many shops.

Skills Modified:
  • Craft (to generate income)
  • Perform (to generate income)
  • Profession (to generate income)


Law measures how strict a settlement’s laws and edicts are. A settlement with a low law modifier isn’t necessarily crime-ridden – in fact, a low law modifier usually indicates that the town simply has little need for protection since crime is so rare. A high law modifier means the settlement’s guards are particularly alert, vigilant, and well-organized. The more lawful a town is, the more timidly its citizens tend to respond to shows of force.

Skills Modified:
  • Intimidate (to force an opponent to act friendly)
  • Diplomacy (against government officials)
  • Diplomacy (to call on the city guard)


A settlement’s lore modifier measures not only how willing the citizens are to chat and talk with visitors, but also how available and accessible its libraries and sages are. A low lore modifier doesn’t mean the settlement’s citizens are idiots, just that they’re close-mouthed or simply lack knowledge resources.

Skills Modified:
  • Diplomacy (to gather information)
  • Knowledge (any) (using the city’s resources to do research when using a library)


Society measures how open-minded and civilized a settlement’s citizens are. A low society modifier might mean many of the citizens harbor prejudices or are overly suspicious of out-of-towners. A high society modifier means that citizens are used to diversity and unusual visitors and that they respond better to well-spoken attempts at conversation.

Skills Modified:
  • Disguise
  • Diplomacy (to alter the attitude of any non-government official)

Urban Skill Modifiers

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