religion-razmir.jpgThe Living God

Master of the 31 Steps

Alignment LE
Domains Charm, Evil, Law, or Trickery
Favored Weapon Dagger
Centers of Worship Razmir
Nationality Razmiran

Razmir appeared in the lands of the River Kingdoms in 4661 AR, claiming that he achieved divinity through the use of the Starstone. Since then, he has established a nation bearing his name, expanded his kingdom, and has established his own church.

Razmirans are generally positive and priests are usually very friendly. They go to small towns and host lavish parties where their artistic faithful perform theater plays and songs telling of Razmir’s heroic adventures leading up to his ascension. These stories involve Razmir slaying tyrannical dragons and usurping the corrupt government of what is now his nation. Many a tale has been told of these events all of which show a true sign that Razmir is a Living God of giving.


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