RELIGION - Cayden Cailean

religion-cayden-cailean.jpgThe Drunken Hero

God of bravery, ale, freedom, and wine

Alignment CG
Domains Chaos, Charm, Good, Strength, Travel
Favored Weapon Rapier
Centers of Worship Absalom, Andoran, Galt, River Kingdoms, The Shackles, Taldor, Varisia
Nationality Taldan

Cayden Cailean (pronounced KAY-den KAY-lee-en) is one of the Ascended: those who achieved godhood by passing the Test of the Starstone. Because of the way in which he passed the Test, he is also known as the “Lucky Drunk”, “Drunken Hero”, or the “Accidental God”.

RELIGION - Cayden Cailean

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