RELIGION - Calistria

religion-calistria.jpgThe Savored Sting

Goddess of lust, revenge, and trickery

Alignment CN
Domains Chaos, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapon Whip
Centers of Worship Absalom, Galt, Kyonin, Nex, The River Kingdoms, The Shackles, Taldor, Varisia
Nationality Elf

Calistria (pronounced kah-LISS-tree-ah) is a goddess of many faces and guises, including lust and revenge. She is held in especially high regard by elves, who often identify her moods and attitude with that of their people. A fondness of wasps has earned this vengeful deity the title the Savored Sting; such creatures live on after harming their enemies, a trait to be emulated should one seek to inflict pain on another.

RELIGION - Calistria

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