ORGANISATION - Tamran Advisory Council

The city of Tamran is deemed to be the pseudo capital of the country, and is governed, with the term being used loosely, by a council of 4 elders including the Forest Marshal, and three speakers namely the Speaker of the Bark, the Speaker of the Heart, and the Speaker of the Leaves). Within the council, the “Speakers” act more as advisors to the Forest Marshall than actual members of a democratic government. Currently the positions on the council are filled by the following people:

The Forest Marshall is the overall leader of the Nirmathi people. The role of Forest Marshal is primarily a military position, with those who fill the role selected for skill in battle and tactical acumen. As a civil ruler, the Forest Marshal is no more than a symbol or figurehead.

The Speaker of the Bark is the Forest Marshall’s primary military advisor within the confines of Tamran. His portfolio is responsible for defense and policing of the city. The Speaker of the Bark usually holds some type of military rank, but may also be a masterful tactician, and in some cases, bureaucrat with some type of military logistics background.

The Speaker of the Heart is an advocate for the people of Tamran, who looks out for the best interests of the city as well as for Nirmathas as a whole. The Speaker of the Heart is usually a masterful negotiator or in some cases ex-spy whose portfolio includes identifying threats within the city as opposed to the Speaker of the Bark who concerns themselves with threats from without.

Speaker of the Leaves, is concerned with maintaining harmony with the surrounding natural areas, both physically and spiritually. This means that they are responsible ensuring that local religions work together for the betterment of the community. The role of Speaker of the Leaves is primarily a logistical one however and is usually given to a person with a background in diplomacy, or in some cases those with connections with the church of Erastil.

ORGANISATION - Tamran Advisory Council

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