Lake Encarthan

Lake Encarthan is one of the largest and most highly traveled bodies of water in Avistan. The nations of Druma, Kyonin, Lastwall, Molthune, Nirmathas, Razmiran, and Ustalav all share the lake’s coastline, and the port cities of Caliphas, Kerse, Tamran, and Thronestep each serve as their nation’s capital, no doubt bolstered both economically and militarily by their strategic locations on Encarthan’s banks.

The lake contains numerous creatures, including merrows and scrags.

Military Presence
The strongest military force on the Lake is probably the navy of Molthune, based in Eranmas and primarily concerned with blockading Tamran, the capital of its rival, Nirmathas.

Places of Interest
At the lake’s center stands the mysterious Isle of Terror where Aroden mortally wounded the wizard-king Tar-Baphon in 896 AR. The island is never visited due to rumors of the island being a conduit to the negative energy plane and that those who travel there are never seen again.

Lake Encarthan

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