250px-Katapesh_symbol.jpgKatapesh is a nation of trade, selling all conceivable goods, no matter how mundane or bizarre. Traders converge on the nation’s bazaars from around the world, even from other planes. Pesh and slaves are two of its major exports.


In 2216 AR, the Templars of the Five Winds, led by the djinni Nefeshti, came to the region to free other djinni enslaved by the genie binder Kirnoth. The next year, the Sarenrae priestess Vedie brought her followers to the area, having fled from Osirion. The mysterious Pactmasters who now rule Katapesh arrived out of nowhere in 3725 AR, took over the city of Katapesh, and established a powerful nation with economic ties throughout the kingdoms of the Inner Sea.


The inhuman Pactmasters form a ruling council that imposes few laws on Katapesh, allowing an nearly anarchic state of free trade. The Pactmasters use the golem-like aluums to keep the peace and enforce the existing laws. Pactbroker Hashim ibn Sayyid serves the Pactmasters as the day-to-day manager of the government.

Foreign relations are handled by a network of hired humans and friendly merchants. Most nations, with the exception of slavery-hating Andoran, are on good terms with Katapesh. The Gray Corsairs sank three Katapeshi slave ships in 4705 AR.


Katapesh encompasses many different land types and climates. To the north the Brazen Peaks mountains block the way to Osirion. Foothills and mountain passes offer passage to the northern country but, because of the ferocious gnolls of the Brazen Peaks, most travelers prefer to reach Osirion by ship. South of the mountains, warm green savannas stretch for miles. Only tall trees offer moderate shade. Thin rivers and still pools provide water for the animals like camelopards, Katapeshi lions, gazelles, and more. Around a few hot spots where there are underground heat vents, the water turns murky and sulfurous, fostering small jungles. Farther south still the plains dry up into arid stretches of desert. This area is considered the breadbasket of Katapesh from which its citizens’ livelihoods spring. The farmers there use the bulbous, spiny cacti to produce pesh, a pleasantly euphoric, mildly addictive drug. To the west, the deserts shift to rocky flatland that rises to become the Barrier Wall mountains. The eastern jagged coastline of Katapesh along the Obari Ocean create numerous natural harbors for the ships. The satellite island in the Obari Ocean holds the second most important city of the nation of Katapesh, Okeno. Most settlements and inland trade routes are around the edge of Katapesh.


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