Glimmerhold is a small dwarven city located within the borders of the human country of Nirmathas. Situated in the Mindspin Mountains by the border with Nidal, Glimmerhold is near the banks of the Gjurn River.

Glimmerhold is located at the rim of the Mindspin Mountains, trading its smithwork with Janderhoff in exchange for raw ore (Glimmerhold’s exhausted strip mine now serves as the lake’s basin).

During the dwarves’ legendary Quest for Sky, the race’s push to the surface led to the discovery of many unexploited riches. One of the most profitable, the strip mine of Korem Gjurn, lured many dwarves with its abundant silver and the occasional vein of precious adamantine. The fervent mining of so many people soon established a permanent settlement underground, at the center of the ever-growing basin. Within 20 years, the hands of thousands of dwarves constantly embellishing their home created the city of Glimmerhold.

When the mine finally stopped bleeding its riches, the dwarves built a dam to retain the nearby Gjurn River, finalizing the appearance Glimmerhold bears to this day. Even though its looks have not changed in 50 centuries, the city’s culture was subject to a major upheaval merely 100 years ago when King Ezelgar forged a pact with the Mistbreather Clan. Today, accursed Ezelgar reigns over Glimmerhold with an iron fist, acquiring rich profit from the bloody sweat of the oppressed dwarven master smiths and the dwindling population.

Life and People
Whereas the dwarves of the Mistbreather Clan mercilessly abuse their supreme social position, the poor people of Glimmerhold are law-abiding, frightened, and either collaborating with the rulers or doomed to slavery. This social injustice is hidden from the eyes of casual visitors but obvious to anyone probing deeply. The lack of clergy within the city is evident, as are the closed and locked doors of Abadar’s several temples.


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