Deadeye's Haunt

While there have been countless lesser skirmishes between Molthune and Nirmathas over the past several years, none have yet matched the scale and violence of the battle of Deadeye’s Haunt. Until the battle, the site was known as Deadeye’s Gulch – a narrow valley at the edge of Fangwood where hunting had traditionally been good.

A small shrine dedicated to Erastil stood at the southern entrance to the gulch – a lodge where hunters could rest during extended forays. The initial Molthuni plan was to use Deadeye’s Gulch as a staging ground for a particularly large invasion force that could then send smaller units out to strike at various locations along the forest’s edge, and eventually even against the city of Tamran. Yet what the Molthuni were not prepared for was the Nirmathi devotion to preserving this site. When the Molthuni army arrived, they were set upon by small, fast-moving groups of skirmishers and archers, and even several groups of druids that commanded their own armies of birds and beasts.

The resulting clash between Molthune’s well-trained army and Nirmathas’ highly mobile defenders has since come to typify the major battles between these two nations, but at Deadeye’s Gulch this sort of warfare reached its violent height. The battle of Deadeye’s Gulch actually consisted of a series of battles that spanned nearly a week – by the time the remnants of Molthune’s army fled back to the south, they had slaughtered many Nirmathi, but their own numbers had been reduced by an even more significant amount.

Where once stood a verdant valley sacred to the god of the hunt, there now sprawled a charred scar of devastation littered with thousands of bodies. The battlefield’s location on the border made it difficult for druids and priests of Erastil to attempt to reclaim the land, for whenever they tried, Molthuni snipers and patrols quickly struck from the south. Over the years, both nations have come to regard the region as cursed – and indeed, the unquiet souls and restless bodies of the victims seem to increasingly haunt the place.

Today, the undead that dwell here continue to swell beyond the borders of what is now known as Deadeye’s Haunt, a growing problem that neither nation wants to address but both fear may soon become impossible to ignore.

Deadeye's Haunt

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