Converting to the Church of Razmir

The Church of Razmir is one where lies, deception, and out-right brutality and bullying are accepted methods of converting the free citizens of Golarion to the faith of the Living God. The Church often employs methods whereby townsfolk are duped into believing the way of the Mask such as through dubious ceremonies where people are drugged en-mass or through the use of Temples which amount to nothing more than “rehabilitation” and brainwashing camps.

When a person is subjected to the type of treatment that is expected from the faithful priests of the Church of Razmir, a person can often break mentally, or in some cases, rebel. For this reason, the Church employs a method whereby a person’s esteem is broken down over a period of days or sometimes weeks, with the aim being that their personality can be “rebuilt” in the image of The Living God.

Description: The priest may use their Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidation skill (depending on their methodology) in order to attempt to convert a target to the ways of the Church of Razmir. The DC for such an attempt is based on the attitude of the target. Priests of the Church of Razmir usually take their time to cultivate relations with people within a settlement before attempting to assimilate them to the ways of the Living God. Razmiran priests are cunning, and normally before an attempt is made, the priests have carefully selected an individual or target group. Treat all attempts in this fashion to be the same as the use of the Diplomacy skill where the target must be made at least Friendly before conversion can commence.
Time to Use: 1d4 hours (normally no more than one attempt is conducted per day)
Effect: The target is subject to Razmiran Indoctrination (see below)

Description A character is subjected to brutal treatment and brainwashing at the hands of members of the Church of Razmir
Type Indoctrination
Save Will DC 5
Frequency 1/day; Failing 3 consecutive saves results in the target being converted
Effect Character becomes broken and a follower of Razmir
Modifiers (applied to the DC)
  • Each additional day the character is subjected to indoctrination: +1
  • Reading the Living God’s holy text willingly: +5
  • The subject being of any Good alignment: -2
  • The subject being of Chaotic Good alignment: -5
  • The subject being of any evil alignment: +2
  • The subject having been beaten during their indoctrination: +5
  • The subject is faithful to a good aligned entity: -5
  • The subject is faithful to any entity other than Razmir: -2
  • For each 5 points the converting priest rolls above the required DC to convert the target: +2

Converting to the Church of Razmir

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