Character Creation

Point Buy

Player Characters will be created using the Standard Fantasy Point Buy which is 15 points.

Character Level

Player Characters must begin at 1st level. No Level Adjustments will be allowed.


A character can be of any race listed in the Core Rulebook. Nirmathas is an accepting place and as a result, all races are welcome. Magic is not shunned as Fey encounters are fairly normal in the Fangwood forests.

Starting Age

One of the elements of the campaign is a coming of age story. As a result, our character will be of no greater age than 18 or the lowest age possible for your class/race (whichever is greater). You may be no younger than the minimum age for your Class/Race if rolled (see chat in Core Rulebook).


All Core and Base classes are open for use except the gunslinger. For the purpose of this campaign, it is suggested that there be at least one of each of the following types: arcane spell caster, divine spell caster, and martial weapon specialist (i.e. fighter, barbarian, ranger). Each player should play a different class.

Hit Points

Hit points for player characters are always the average of the Hit Dice per level rounded up (i.e. d6=4, d8=5, d10=6 and d12=7)

Traits and Feats

Player Characters may take feats from any official Paizo source. Any feats or traits must be relevant to your character’s background. The GM will have final say on a feat availability and use. Please note that the Leadership feat will not be used.

Background Conditions

In the case of starting characters, each characters must hail from or have been long term resident of Kassen. Each character has a mentor in the town with whom they have been in the tutelage of since they began their careers. In the case of characters starting after the beginning of the campaign, characters are suggested to be from Nirmathas and have a background to support why they are in the country to begin with.

Background Generation

Characters will be allowed to use the background generation rules in Ultimate Campaign if required.

Starting Gold

All characters begin play with 150gp no matter what their roll would or could be for their class.

Book Exceptions

Only official Pathfinder books can be used in this campaign. When choosing unique spells, the source must be checked first to see if the flavour of the ability, feat, spell or trait matches the character and the environment.


As in all Pathfinder Games, including this one, it is expected that characters will not be evil. It is highly recommended that characters be of good alignment. All other alignments however are allowed.

Character Death and New Characters

As with any campaign, there will always be character deaths or people may wish to change their character for whatever reason. When creating a new character, you will start at the same level as your previous character. Your starting gold will be 3/4 the value of a character of that level based on the information located in the Pathfinder PRD: Gamemastering – Character Wealth per Level Table.

There is also a limit on the amount spent on each type of item. PCs that are built after 1st level will be limited to no more than the following:

  • 25% of their wealth on weapons
  • 25% on armor and protective devices
  • 25% on other magic items
  • 15% on disposable items like potions, scrolls, and wands
  • 10% on ordinary gear and coins.

Hero Points and Plot Twist Cards

Characters will commence the game with one Hero Point and one Plot Twist Card no matter when they started the campaign. Characters may then use Plot Twist Cards as if they were a Hero Point, or may use the special abilities provided on the card as written. Please note that use of the narrative portion of the card will be at the discretion of the GM.

Character Creation

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