4515 AR
  • Ekat Kassen left the Last Wall Military to seek his fortune as an adventurer.

4516 AR
  • Ekat Kassen befriended Asar Vergas, a warrior of great worth, Iramine an elven wizard and Ellisa Volstoy a beautiful human woman talented in the use of a lute. The four adventured for a number of years under the name of the Company of Somal (named after Golarion’s moon which was full when the four first met), and discovered many treasurers on their adventures.

  • The Company of Somal came about information of a vast treasure in the Lost Mines of the area now known to be far western Nirmathas. The group set out to seek their fortunes.

  • The Company of Somal returned to some years later, however many who knew them found that they had changed.

4522 AR
  • During their adventures, Kassen fell in love with Ellisa, who was found to be a gypsy princess from the distant land of Ustalav. Kassen and Ellisa were married, but soon after Asar and Iramine parted ways with the two. Rumours indicate that heated words were the last that the the group spoke to each other.
  • Using a sizable portion of his fortune, Kassen set out to tame a small area of the Fangwood on the banks of the Tourondel River, making it a natural stopover for those traveling up and down the river to Skelt.

4525 AR
  • After a few years of clearing the area of hostile creatures, and making peace with local denizens in the nearby forest, Kassen eventually established the village of Kassen’s Hold.
  • For the next 10 years, Kassen’s Hold grew and prospered.

4526 AR
  • Ellisa Volstoy, now wife of Kassen fell gravely ill and died leaving Kassen distraught. Kassen focused his efforts moreso to grow Kassen’s hold in his wife’s honour.

4535 AR
  • Asar Vergas returned to where he had last seen his friend, but this time with a band of mercenaries.
  • Asar raided the town of Kassen’s Hold for 2 months before the townsfolk managed to locate Asar’s camp in an ancient crypt, deep in the Fangwood forest.
  • Kassen, not wanting to put any of his people further at risk, went to deal with the problem himself although upon their insistence, a number of his closest friends accompanied him.
  • The battle was terribly bloody, with only a few townsfolk coming back to tell the tale. In the end, Asar was slain and his mercenaries scattered, but Ekat suffered a mortal wound, and died 2 days later, on the 11th day of Neth, 4535.
  • Kassen is interred in the ancient Crypt and the locals place an ever-burning flame above his crypt.

4632 AR

4648 AR
  • The northern half of Molthune rebels against the avaricious nobles in Canorate.

4655 AR

4661 AR

4672 AR
  • Razmir founds Thronestep.

4695 AR
  • A contingent of 173 heavy cavalry from Lastwall routs Warlord Graukrad’s force of 2,000 orcs.

4709 AR
  • The current year


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