(PC) Sam Iyam

Male Human (Fighter)

The Iyam family was one of considerable worth, having built up a lucrative trade business over the last 20 or so years. Its head Monarch, Samuel Prescot Iyam III, was originally a well known diplomat in Cheliax, specialising in trade with foreign countries, and was even responsible for brokering a deal with the distant Pactmasters of Katapesh.

Samuel though had a penchant for the ladies, and it was not long before he became embroiled in a scandal between him and a daughter of a Cheliaxian royal. Samuel fled Cheliax with whatever gold he could find (along with the Cheliaxian Royal’s daughter, Aera Henderthane), and fled to the neighbouring country of Molthune.

Molthune, having separated from Cheliax many years before, were keen to hear of the inner workings of the Cheliaxian Government, and accepted the diplomat with open arms. Many a secret was sold to the Molthune Military in order to further fill Samuel’s coffers which gave Samuel the funds to seed his own mercantile operations. Soon after, Samuel purchased a villa overlooking Lake Encarthan at which, he married his princess, Aera. A year later, Aera bore a son, Samuel Prescot Iyam IV, followed thereafter by one other son, and 4 daughters.

For years, Samuel built his empire, and gradually became a well known and respected merchant. Samuel became responsible for brokering many a trade deal with Nirmathi merchants across the borders to the point that Samuel’s sole business was that of smuggling both people and goods across borders. Eventually Samuel Snr changed sides, and moved his operations to Nirmathas, a move which angered the Molthune Government to the point where Samuel Snr became a wanted man.

Spies from Molthune plotted in order to find Samuel Snr, and it was some months later in a daring raid that Samuel Snr was corners by Molthune agents, crossing the border into Nirmathas. For a time, Samuel Snr was imprisoned by the Molthune Government, however Samuel Snr was a shrewd man and brokered a deal for his release. The cost of his release was unexpected however, as the cost was that of his son Samuel Jnr, where Samuel Snr agreed that Samuel Jnr would be raised by Molthuni nobleman as a squire. Samuel Snr never expected to see his son again, and so, not wanting to be on the losing side, began his own campaign to have his son returned. Unfortunately by the time he would action his plan, 10 years would have passed, and his son had become what Samuel Snr despised – a true Molthuni.

Samuel Jnr, although a little less than bright, worked hard and learned all that there was to combat. His size was quite large for a child his age, and it was not long before he was placed on the front lines to fight against the Nirmathi.

Whilst on the border of Molthune and Nirmathas, Samuel Jnr’s platoon was attacked, having been ambushed by mercenaries. All of them were slaughtered – all, of course, but one – Samuel Jnr. This had been Samuel Snr’s plan all along, and it was not long after that Samuel Snr was re-united with his son in his father’s hideout in Tamran, the capital of Nirmathas.

The war had changed the young boy in a way that Samuel Snr had not foreseen, and Samuel Jnr, now only known as Sam, openly showed his disgust at what his father had done. Sam was independent, and although loyal to the Molthune, he knew his father, who claimed to be a free spirit, was nothing more than hypocrite and a murderer. Samuel Snr pleaded for his son’s forgiveness, but all of what had happened was too much for him. Sam, his head filled with mixed emotions of his time with the Molthune, the freedom that he had seen of the people of Nirmathas, and of course, the deeds of his father. Sam needed time away, and so, carrying only what he could, he rejected his father and his family, and soon after left Tamran, and took a position in a mercenary unit which was heading into the Fangwood Forest.

After many months, having raided ancient ruins and plundered several small villages, Sam took his leave and what money he had left, and travelled up the Tourondel River, to a place called Kassen. There, Sam became friends with a local Guardsman named Kir, and the two became close. Sam was soon after taken under the wing of Guard Captain Gregor Wisslo and later took a position in the town guard.

Sam had found his calling, and truly accepted the Nirmathi way of life. He soon soon after became friends with a number of local young folk who happened through the gates of the village from time to time. An elf named Eve, who had been in Kassen for as long as only the elder townsfolk could recall, a half-orc priest named Kal, a beautiful, mysterious young woman named Nell (but they all were mysterious to Sam), and a ranger who sometimes acted as guard, named Zevan.


(PC) Sam Iyam

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