Zulgha Bloodbone

Leader of the Bloodbone Clan

Zulgha Bloodbone is the forth son of a great clan leader who reigns of an area deep within the heart of Belkzen. Zulgha was the runt of his family, but was strong and skilled enough to forge a small name for himself on the border of Lastwall and Nirmathas. Zulgha, and his tribe of 20 orcs hatched a plan to establish a small beach head on the banks of the Tourondel River using whatever small farm they came across first. But Zulgha was far from the strategist that his father was, crossing the river in an area far from any civilised area between Morrie’s Farm and Kassen.

With his band almost starving, and ready to turn on their leader, Zulgha and his tribe came across a young man, named Aroth Mentinjek, running through the forest. Initially Zulgha believed that he had found an opportunity in the form of a hostage to be used to trade for supplies, but the young Mage was more than Zulgha had bargained for. As the orcs set upon the young enchanter, who specialised in charming those of his enemies, the young mage cast a charm spell at his captors and just by chance, successfully charmed the Orc Chief.

The young Mage didn’t expect what happened next. Within a few hours, the Orc’s Chieftain’s drive for success would see the orcs attack Morrie’s Farm in order to kidnap a young woman Aroth had fallen for a few hours before, so that she could be his bride.

This would eventually spell certain doom for Zulgha and his newly formed Bloodstone Tribe, for less than a day later, under the cover of darkness, the Heroes of Kassen would arrive to investigate the appearance of the orcs after the attack on the farm. After a heated battle, Zulgha lay headless outside of his own hut, and the remainder of his orc tribe fled into the forest, leaderless and in desperate need of supplies.

Zulgha Bloodbone

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