(PC) Nell Vargidian

Female Human (Sorcerer - Fire Elementalist)

Lavina and Abram Voss, Nell’s parents, originally hailed from Tamran, and both were successful artisans. Lavina was a skilled painter, and Abram a crafted sculptor. Both of their wares were well sought after amongst the city’s populace, however their pieces had not yet gained the attention of the nobility in Tamran.

With little more than a view gold pieces to their names, but enough to make out a living in a small but modest home, Nell’s parents felt that something was missing in their lives. For many years the two tried to fill that void with a child, but all was in vain.

One day, a nobleman from the distant land of Katapesh attended the market district and became enamored with a painting by Nell’s mother. The nobleman continued to commission paintings from Lavina, and it was not long before the two became embroiled in an affair. Eventually, Lavina fell pregnant, and the Nobleman disappeared soon after. Lavina could not bear to break her husband’s heart, and so never revealed her shame to him.

Nell was born soon after, but her birth took its toll on her mother’s life, leaving Abram to raise the child on his own. After Nell’s birth, unexplained fires started in and around Tamran, mostly centering on places where Abram had gone. Some insinuated that he was the cause of the fires, others suggested that it was the child who was cursed. Eventually business dried up for Abram, and so, with child in arms, left Tamran to find solace elsewhere.

Abram’s run of bad luck continued, and Abram began to blame his child, even questioning if the child was really his. Eventually Abram made his was to Skelt, hoping that he would be able to find a school or orphanage capable of controlling the child.

It was near her 6th birthday when Nell and her father arrived at a small logging town named Kassen. Whilst their, Abram was approached by a strange man named Moltus Vargidan who claimed to have foreseen the child’s arrival, and the struggle that Abram had faced. Abram took little convincing, and soon left the child with the old man. Abram continued up river, and to this day has never been heard from again.

Nell was brought into the home of Moltus along with 5 other children, whom she soon realised were also not related to Moltus. All four displayed talents that she had never seen, but none had the power of fire that she had kept secret for so long.

Over time, Moltus attempted to teach Nell all he could about controlling her powers, but Nell had other ideas. She was a rebellious sort, and would often sneak out of bed in order to play with her friends, in particular the boys who were curious about her fiery red hair, and her lustful good looks.

One evening, after leaving her group of friends, Nell observed a local bully, a half-orc named Grimscar and one of his associates apparently harassing a small child near a fishing hole, just outside of town. Grimscar was not well liked, but his friends were just as scared of him, as everyone else was. Grimscar took it upon himself to rid the child of his coins, something that Nell knew she could not let happen. Nell stepped in, just as Grimscar backhanded her, causing her to fall to the ground. Almost instantaneously, Nell let loose a flame of energy at the half-orc, burning his arm and body. The two thugs ran off into the forest, their screams echoing as they departed the scene. Nell was pleased with herself, however the young child appeared frightened of what she had done, and fled towards town. Nell suddenly realised that she had lost control of her powers, and what she was capable of.

Nell ran from Kassen but was soon found by Moltus of the banks of the Tourondel River. Moltus explained her powers to her like no other person ever had, and she knew soon realised that she had the potential to become something greater. Part of her realised that what she did was wrong, but a greater part knew that the half-orc got what he deserved.

Nell stayed hidden for the most part, listening to her mentor and learning how to control her abilities. Eventually she was alowed to venture out, and it was not long before she became friends with an Elf named Eve who had witnessed the events of the evening when Grimscar was injured. The two became close friends and soon after became friends with others namely a ranger names Zevan, a fighter named Sam and a half-orc (who had less love for Grimscar than Nell did) named Kal.


(PC) Nell Vargidian

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