Guardsman Golfond Kir

Kassen Town-Guard

Golfond Kir is one of a number of young men who protect the town of Kassen from would be intruders and monsters from the Fangwood.

Although a bit simple, Golfond Kir is a dedicated guardsman, manning the town’s only watchtower every day. When he is not on duty, he can often be found running errands around town for his elderly mother, or playing with the local children. When Golfond was young, a horse kicked him in the head and knocked the sense out of him. Since then, he has been the victim of cruel pranks and japes, all of which he takes with a smile and a simple laugh.

Golfond is also best friends to Sam Iyam, a fellow guardsman.

Guardsman Golfond Kir

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