A cantankerous Half-Orc woodsman

The Kassen Woodcutter’s Guild employs a wide variety of workers to help fell trees in the surrounding woods; some of them are far from polite and caring toward the people of Kassen. Taghig Barclay, better known as Grimscar, is one such worker.

This half-orc would have been fired long ago if he was not so skilled at tree cutting. When he is in town, the locals keep their distance and the militia keeps a patrol nearby. Grimscar is known for picking fights, getting drunk, and pawing at barmaids. Fortunately, he has an allergic reaction to a local vintage of whiskey (which causes him to pass out shortly after drinking it), a weakness that is often exploited by the Silvers.

Grimscar has been a trouble-maker and bully in Kassen for many years. It is believed that he got his name shortly after an encounter with a young sorceress named Nell who lashed out at him with magical fire. The injuries he sustained could not be fully healed at the time, and as a result, has burn scaring across some of his face.


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