(PC) Kal the Black

Male Half-Orc (Cleric of Erastil)

Kal’s mother, Kalece Neszche was born to a noble family in the city of Vigil, capital of Lastwall. On her 14th birthday, as was the custom of her people, Kalece was sent to the church of Iomede to be blessed. It was here that priests realised that Kalece had been blessed with the site of Iomede and was thereafter taken into the service of the church. Soon after, Kalece was sent to act with the missionaries of Lastwall, travelling to various towns and outposts to heal the sick, and provide comfort to the fallen soldiers of the realm.

Eventually, at the age of 18, Kalece found herself in a small village called Roslar’s Coffer, a small farming community on the border between Belkzen and Lastwall. The town, which hosted less than 300 villagers, was a mix of retired soldiers and mercenaries, eager to give the orcs of Belkzen one last send off before they themselves be judged by Iomede. Whilst in the village, Kalece tended to the local church, and acted as acolyte and assistant to her mother superior.

All of that changed though when a overwhelming force of orcs marched on the town.

Half of the two stood and fought, whilst the other made up of woman, children and priests, escaped. Their escape was short lived, as the orcs quickly encircled the village and its surrounds. Within a month, all of the villagers were either dead, or indentured in the service of the orc horde. Kalece was one of the unfortunates who survived.

Whilst imprisoned, Kalece befriended a woman named Newo, who had recently given birth to a young boy named Zevan. Newo had been taken as a slave to the orc priestess however Kalece was not as lucky. Forced to perform horrific acts for the orcs amusement, Kalece found herself brutally raped and discarded as filth in the mud. Newo took the young priestess under her wing and convinced the orc priestess to have Kalece as another of her servants. A couple of months later, Kalece found that she was pregnant with a bastard half-orc child.

Sometime later, before the baby was due, Newo’s husband initiated an uprising amongst the slaves, with many escaping the orc village. Newo and her husband took the now very pregnant Kalece with them and fled towards Roslar’s Coffer. When they arrived, they discovered that the town had been raised, and so without hesitation, the group, made up of women, children and a few men, fled into the Northern Fangwood in the direction of the the Tourondel River.

The weather was harsh, and the orcs relentlessly pursued the group through the forest. During the height of the storm, Kal’s life began after Kalece went into labour near the border between Lastwall and Nirmathas. Kal’s birth was not normal, and given Kalece’s small stature, and malnourished condition, it was not surprising that Kalece did not survive Kal’s arrival in this world.

As life bled away from Kalece’s body, Newo could take no more, and drew a blade to slice the child’s heart from its chest. But something touched Newo – something from within the child. What it was, she could not say, but it was important enough that Iomede had given her some view of that child’s role in the world. Newo turned to her husband and claimed that the child must live. This was the last promise that she made her husband swear to, as soon after she was felled by a series of orc arrows during their escape across the Tourondel River.

Kal was taken with his new adopted family to the small village of Kassen. There, his adopted father Ureb, his son Zevan and daughter Dimira took him into their home whilst they built a farm similar to the one they had left behind in Roslar’s Coffer. But as Kal grew, he soon learned that his presence was not entirely wanted.

Whilst growing up, Kal always felt the eyes of the villagers upon him, or were glaring at Ureb and his somewhat unusual family. Some villagers would not trade with the man, claiming some notion that his goods were inferior. Ureb knew as Kal did, that the people were racist against the orcs. Kal saw this as an opportunity to try to fit in, to prove he was different, but Ureb saw it as a slight against him, and would often beat the child for what he represented. After each time though, Ureb would ask forgiveness from the gods, and in a drunken state yelled at the sky asking Iomede why she took his wife and not that of the bastard child. Kal felt betrayed, but somehow found forgiveness for the somewhat disturbed man.

Kal became close friends with his adopted brother Zevan, but the two became estranged when Zevan started hanging around with the local bullies in town, including that of a fellow half-orc named Grimscar. This in turn frustrated Ureb more, which is turn became Kal’s punishment. Kal was almost at breaking point, and as he was alone, as Kal’s adopted sister Dimira had also left to become a Priest. Kal soon found that he had no one to turn to.

Everything came to a head near Kal’s 14th birthday when Ureb was in one of the most drunken states Kal had ever seen. During this binge, Ureb attempted to set upon Kal with a scythe, but Kal had finally had enough. Kal, who at this stage was about the same height at Ereb, lost control, and grabbed the scythe. In a rage, Kal slammed the blade into Ureb’s body. Kal suddenly realised what he had done, as he found the blade firmly planted in Ureb’s chest. Kal immediately prayed to the gods, and his call was answered when a burst of energy radiated from his hands, miraculously healing Ureb’s wounds.

That same night, Kal was taken to the local church and deposited at the front door to live with his adopted sister Dimira.

Kal was accepted into the order, and learned the ways of many religions. In particular, Kal found a fondness for Erastil, and soon specialised in the ways of his teachings.

Kal was often shunned by many villagers, but as time went on, they soon accepted him and his teachings. About 4 years ago, after the death of the lead Priest to a mysterious illness, a young man named Father Rantal Prasst arrived in Kassen having been sent by the head church in Tamran as a replacement. Father Rantal is a mysterious character, who was once a member of the Tamran Militia, but left after a years’ service to become a priest. He has never mentioned why he left, but tends to change the subject when the topic arises.

Currently Kal has developed an interest for a young lady named Asina Silvers, the daughter of the local Inn Keeper. Kal’s not sure if she is interested in him and much as he would like, but he is more than happy to bide his time. Kal has also become closer to his adopted brother Zevan, although the roguish youth that he remembers from the farm all those years ago has well and truly gone. Something lurks within him now that slightly scares Kal; something that he is assured will raise its head eventually.


(PC) Kal the Black

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