(PC) Evarl Lanthaldar

Male Elf (Fighter/Rogue)

Sitting directly opposite Nirmathas, across the waves of Lake Encarthan sits the majesty elven nation of Kyonin. The land of Kyonin itself is a natural paradise, though not always a pastoral one, as nature can be both beautiful and deadly, and of course, the elves would have it no other way. However, after the elves returned to Golarion over two thousand years ago, they have been a troubled and isolated species, with many of their kind leaving the safety of Kyonin in order to seek “The Brightness” and some, their fortune. This however was not the case for Evarl and his parents.

Evarl, or “Eve” as he more unflatteringly known to his more trusted human companions, was born over 100 years ago. Raised as a merchant, Evarl soon began to follow in his parents footsteps, building his skills in diplomacy and cunning. Evarl was the youngest of 5 elven children, something that was somewhat of a miracle for elves. Evarl was raised in the elven city of Greengold, a busy trading town, famous for the yellow roofs on every building, and the only point of entry into the elven nation for non-elves. Greengold was a bold elven experiment in peaceful co-existence with those of non-elvenkind. The elves study human behavior and trustworthiness in this controlled environment, which made Greengold a perfect place for Evarl to learn his trade. Evarl of course also learned the way of the bow from his father, just as his mother had taught him. Evarl quickly developed skills and magical talent as well which assisted him in dealing with the ever mysterious humans.

Evarl’s parents led a mundane existence, with many of the riches they brokered going straight back to the coffers of Kyonin‘s vaults, as was the way of their peoples. _Evarl’s_ brothers and sisters matured long ago, with only his eldest sister remaining to help in the family business. Evarl however did his duty, helping where he could, but his heart was in the open sea and travel. Often he would be found in the highest branch of the family’s home, dreaming of the elven city of Kyonin with its white spires and magically crafted arches. But the elven home-place seemed farther away the more he learned of his responsibilities. Some days though, as his mind wandered, something within called out to him. Something he began to fear.

It was not until a time, no less than 15 years ago, when his parents were visited by a young elven woman known as Iramine who claimed to be a Seer. Evarl listened to Iramine‘s words through the walls of his family’s home, and overheard the elven woman telling his parents and sister that Evarl was marked with an evil taint, however with Iramine’s help, he could focus that power for the good of elvenkind. She went further to say that Evarl would one day bring about the destruction of the elvish nation, and that she must be taken away with her to prevent a catastrophe. Evarl’s family were sceptical, but the woman spoke with such conviction. Evarl’s parent’s stood up to the woman, demanding proof of her claim. The woman screamed and a large explosion tore through their treetop home, destroying the house and part of the tree with it. Evarl clambered out onto a branch as he watched his home disintegrate around him. Evarl escaped with his life, and without looking back, headed to one of his merchant friends at the docks.

Stowage was organised and Evarl fled Greengold aboard a vessel headed for Molthune. Unfortunately, mid journey, the ship was attacked by pirates, and Evarl was sold as a slave to a Razmiran slave trader. For a number of years, Evarl bid his time in the Razmiran slave camp, a place lead by masked cultists who worshiped Razmir, “The Living God”. Eventually, Evarl escaped, again fleeing to the docks in the hope of finding another vessel to whisk him to safety. As Evarl arrived, he found a vessel known as the Kraken’s Maw, a ship Captained by a dark skinned woman named Ariel Bazzak. Captain Bazzak was a harsh young woman, who at that time warned Evarl that he was intent on making her way across Lake Encarthan to come within sight of the Isle of Terror, in order to beat a rival to a marvellous cargo consignment in Molthune.

After a day or so travel, Evarl soon learned that the closer one came to the Isle of Terror, the more perilous the journey. Evarl watched in horror, as waves the size of buildings pounded against the hull. But it was here that Evarl heard the calling that he had heard so many times in his youth – and the call was almost a scream. Evarl was not sure it was the scream that made him lose consciousness, or his body being thrown against the bulkhead. Five days later Evarl awoke in what was left of the ship, along with a few survivors. There was however no sign of Captain Bazzak. The ship had somehow remain intact enough to beach itself on the shore of Nirmathas. The survivors were quickly rescued by Nirmathi Rangers, and taken to Tamran. There, the crew’s injuries were seen to, and the sailors, along with Evarl, were later released.

Evarl had now found himself in a strange land, with nothing but his bow, and a few coins to spare. As he walked the streets of Tamran, he was confronted by a familiar face, his eldest brother Hawnrethyn. He explained that he had joined the Nirmathi Rangers to protect the people of Tamran, had met a human woman, and had been raising a family in the forest for many years. Evarl went to live with his brother for a time, during which he too was recruited to join the Rangers. Whilst in their service, Evarl learned the finer points of diplomacy with a blade, especially against Molthune spies and buccaneers who made it across the border from time to time.

Using his familiarity with the humans, Evarl adapted easily, but yearned for his home, and his parents. Evarl became resentful for what had become of his sheltered life, and that he had been thrust into this world dominated by humans after an act of violence (and possible murder) from one of his own kind. Evarl was jaded, and soon requested to be sent to an outpost far from civilisation, in order to find himself. Perhaps, Evarl thought, that it was now time for her to find his own “Brightness”.

Evarl was sent upstream to Kassen, a small logging community, veiled in history. There he stood as a watchful eye, and watched many a youngsters grow into adulthood. Many of those children became his friends, in particular the young woman named Nell, along with the humans Sam and Zevan. Evarl however kept Zevan’s friend the half-orc Kal at a distance, never having met an Orc beore, little less a half one. But as he watched on, he found that there was more to this individual than he could work out.

(PC) Evarl Lanthaldar

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