Pathfinder - The Price of Immortality


Shadow of Undeath



The heroes discovered a maze, filled with perilous traps, and an uncanny puzzle. It was discovered that the traps had been set for them as part of the initiation, however things had clearly not yet been finished. Their solving of the puzzle led them to a further corridor, and discovery of the waling moan they had heard earlier. Their curiosity lead them to find three doors at the end of each of three passages, the moaning coming from the most southern. The heroes soon learned that something lay in hiding as they attempted to enter the southern door, as the sound of a firing crossbow echoed through the halls…


The heroes moved further into the crypt and discovered a survivor, Roldare Rodnal, a cobbler from Kassen. In a maddened state, he explained how the “others” were murdered by evil creatures who walked in the bones of ancient men, and who were lead by a creature who looked like a skeleton, with blue glowing eyes and a raspy voice. The heroes locked Roldare into the storeroom and moved further in, but not before Roldare was able to explain that Zevan’s sister had been taken – alive!

The heroes continued back to where they initially came in through the stone doorway in order to go in the other direction. There, after several turns, they discovered a dead end, blocked by another stone door. The heroes then back tracked and followed the next unexplored passageway and came to an unlocked door.

Beyond the door was a larger room with two exits, the first of which appeared to be a large collapsed stairwell, whilst the other was a doorway the area of which smelt of smoke. As the heroes explored the room, they were set upon by a large fire beetle which had made the collapsed passageway its home. Zevan and Sam were the first of its targets, but the creature was quickly dispatched.


After finishing exploring the room, including establishing the fact that the collapsed passageway appeared to be a stairway of sorts which was impossible to navigate, the heroes opened the door to discovered a room filled with not only smoke. As they entered, they found a large fire-pit with the smell of charred bodies and leather goods heavy in the air. At this point, a shadowy ghost-like creature which was found to be the tortured spirit of one of the fallen Kassen townsfolk, attacked.


Unable to deal promptly with the incorporeal creature, it was Eve who caught site of a weapon in the fire. Eve moved around the pit, and grabbed the short sword with a cloth. As she attacked the creature with the weapon, she found that the sword somehow affected the creature. Zevan followed Evarl to get to a better position and discovered a burned key on the edge of the pit. As he grabbed the key, the creature turned its attention to him. Shortly after, with the assistance of Kal’s divine magic, the unholy creature was laid low.

After airing the room, the heroes found the remains of a number of humans. The key Evarl found was scorched and tarnished but clearly of the same design as the other key that they had found in one of the maze pits. The sword pulled from the fire by Zevan was identified by Kal as not being from Kassen and that its properties were magical. The heroes returned to Roldare, and then moved to the main room where they had first entered the crypt in order to contemplate their next move…


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