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  • Character Creation

    h4. Point Buy h6. Player Characters will be created using the Standard Fantasy Point Buy which is 15 points.
    h4. Character Level h6. Player Characters must begin at 1st level. No Level Adjustments will be allowed.
    h4. Race h6. A …

  • House Rules

    h4. Character Creation h6. See full write up of limitations on [[Character Creation | Character creation]].
    h4. Dice Rolling h6. Dice will be rolled manually without the aid of electronic dice rollers (such as those in Herolab and on iPhone …

  • Hero Points

    h6. There are moments in any struggle that influence the outcome. Does the brave warrior lay low the villain before he can finish casting a devastating spell? Does the sly rogue avoid detection as she sneaks into the giant chieftain’s lair? Does the pious …

  • Urban Skill Modifiers

    h6. Life in a settlement is represented by six modifiers, each of which adjusts the use of specific skills within the city.

    h4. *Corruption* h6. Corruption measures how …

  • Party Camp Watch

    h6. 1800 - SLEEP 1800 - Eve/Nell 1900 - Eve/Nell 2000 - Eve 2100 - Eve 2200 - Sam/Zev 2300 - Sam/Zev 0000 - Sam/Zev 0100 - Sam/Zev 0200 - Sam/Zev/Kal 0300 - Kal 0400 - Kal/Nell 0500 - Kal/Nell 0600 - Kal/Nell/Eve 0700 - WAKEUP

  • Camp Fires

    h6. A standard campfire base is 1 x 5' square. It sheds bright light within a 10' radius and drops one light level every 5' beyond that. A campfire can be seen from very far off, but it is not illuminating a very large area. Every time you double the area …

  • Fires

    h6. [[File:348976 | class=media-item-align-none | fire-fighting.jpg]]
    Fires occur when indoor or outdoor areas that contain or are constructed from flammable materials are exposed to flame and catch fire. As the blaze spreads, creatures in the …