Tag: River


  • Shining River

    h6. The Shining River runs north from the [[Mindspin Mountains | Mindspin Mountains]], past [[Skelt | Skelt]], eventually connecting with the [[Tourondel River | Tourondel River]].

  • Tourondel River

    h6. The Tourondel River runs west to east through northern [[NIRMATHAS | Nirmathas]], spilling into [[Lake Encarthan | Lake Encarthan]]. Several towns and settlements lie along its banks including the town of [[Kassen | Kassen]], [[Morrie's Farm | Morrie' …

  • Marideth River

    h6. The Marideth River, sometimes called the River Marideth, is one of the major rivers of the forest nation of [[NIRMATHAS | Nirmathas]]. It flows from its headwaters in the [[Mindspin Mountains | Mindspin Mountains]] east through the southernmost …

  • Deepcut River

    h6. The Deepcut River runs west to east in [[NIRMATHAS | Nirmathas]], from the foothills of the [[Mindspin Mountains | Mindspin Mountains]] to the [[Marideth River | Marideth River]].

  • Inkwater River

    h6. The Inkwater River is a short river that flows through the nations of [[MOLTHUNE | Molthune]] and [[NIRMATHAS | Nirmathas]]. From its headwaters in the southern [[Mindspin Mountains | Mindspin Mountains]], it flows along the borders of the two lands, …