Jocyn Elmaran

A cheery man who always has a good story to tell, or song to sing.

A well dress half-elf in his mid 40’s, Jocyn is the town’s primary entertainer. Jocyn is the only real entertainer in the town. Jocyn settled in Kassen 4 years ago after a fight with a band of orcs near the border of Belkzen and Lastwall left him with a crippling leg injury.

Despite his injury, Jocyn is a capable performer, working with a variety of instruments and performance styles. He lives in one of the rooms above the Seven Silvers Tavern, where he performs nightly. Jocyn has retired and instead peddles his talents to the townsfolk, all whilst living off the tips of out-of-towners.


Jocyn Elmaran

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