Father Rantal Prasst

Head Priest of Erastil in Kassen

The small town of Kassen has only one temple and it is devoted primarily to Erastil, but Father Prasst allows those who worship other friendly gods to pray at the temple as well. While Father Prasst does not offer services in the names of these deities, there are small shrines to other gods set up in some of the alcoves, including Gozreh, Gorum, Shelyn, and Torag.

Father Prasst is a kind and understanding man, but he is hard when it comes to the defense of the community. Father Prasst seems much older than his years would indicate. He is quite young, only 24, and many in the community do not put too much faith in his council, except in spiritual matters. He was trained as a soldier in Tamran, but he left after his first battle to become a priest, and refuses to say why.


Father Rantal Prasst

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